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People sell to people—that is never going to change. But technology has become a big part of executing on Sales and Marketing initiatives—and it’s always evolving. At Bridge2IT, we have been agents of change for over 20 years. We find innovative, smart, savvy, and swift solutions that help our clients build a bridge to their future business goals.

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Our clients are focused on sales, as well they should be. We help them with the mechanics of selling, plus the methodologies and attitudes that go along with it.

Smart, Swift, Savvy Success Strategy

S to the power of 5 is our latest process, strategy and style. We live by this and can teach your team to embrace the best time management practices.

Business Development

Your business becomes our business. Once our radar is up, lead generation and pipeline growth are quick to follow.

Lead Generation

At Bridge2IT we love lead generation. When it comes to getting business, Lead Gen is our jam.

Pipeline & Funnel Growth

 When you generate leads you have to nurture them through the sales pipeline. Filling the funnel and growing the pipeline is one of the things we do best.

Account or Channel Management

Our channel management support has included creating partner agreements with AT&T and Motorola for our clients.

Proposal Writing & Request for Proposal Response

We have been responding to RFPs for enterprise projects for many years. We can help you save time and win the business.

Tele-Prospecting Services & Training

One of our clients calls it PUFF: Pick Up the Friggin’ Fone! One of our keys to success is old school tactics, like making sure that callers reach someone, and that that person actively listens to them. We combine these common sense tactics with new technology, like telephony software designed for tele-prospecting. Let us help you design a smart strategy.


Marketing services can cost a lot, both in terms of time and money, with larger agencies. What you need is content and lead magnets, without breaking the bank. Bridge2IT offers Smart Marketing Support to help you tell your target audience why what you do is so important.

Website Development Support

Bridge2iT clarifies the process of developing a great business website

Content Writing Lite

We can develop the content you need for websites, brochures and more

Email Marketing

Reach your prospects and customers with timely offers

Social Media Lite

Stay on customers’ radar with news they can use


Bridge2IT specializes in building the technology environment you need to thrive as a business. From the right technology stack to choosing, integration, and onboarding the most suitable CRM, we deliver solutions that yield success. We take a collaborative approach to IT, working with your team to plan, organize, and manage projects, with the proven best practices to ensure that they are completed on time and on budget.

Marketing Technology Interoperability

Weaving your technology stack together is not for the faint of heart. We love connecting the dots, and we’re very good at it.

CRM Selection, Implementation & Management

Your Customer Relationship Management system is essential to lead generation and revenue growth. B2iT is technology-agnostic, which means that we will help you select the ideal CRM system for your company. CRMs we have worked with include Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and MS Dynamics.

Data Mining & Cleaning Services

Keeping your data in good shape and up to date is key to making good use of it, including mining it for analysis.

Digital Security Knowledge Share

While we are not digital security experts, we can guide you to the proper trusted advisors for Digital Security and Business Continuity Planning. These services are increasingly essential to the survival of every business.

Vendor Navigation & Negotiation

Selecting the right vendor—at the right time and within your budget, for the technology you need—is not as simple as it should be. Do you know what you need? Do you know what to ask and how to cut through the noise? We do! This has been our universe for 20 years. Let us help! Otherwise you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

TL 9000 Compliance Support

We have been managing clients’ TL 9000 audits for more than ten years. Compliance with standards, meticulous processes, reporting, and lessons learned all help to improve your overall quality and output.

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