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Our Value Proposition We make you stronger

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Our Team Functions as An Extension of Your Team

Bridge2IT optimizes and manages aspects of our clients’ sales and marketing processes. We put technology + processes in place that solve core business problems—leaving you to focus on what you do best. This is our passion, and we’ll treat your business as if it were our own. Our sweet spot? Working with emerging small to medium-sized companies that sell complex solutions and technologies to other businesses.



First, we build an understanding of how your business works, then identify areas of focus. Your goal may be to increase sales, but operational efficiencies are sometimes a necessary first step to supporting the sales process in concert with where you are at. Bridge2iT excels in synthesizing the right steps, in the right order, to deliver the desired results.
The broad Marketing and Sales areas we work with include sales support, marketing services, project management, and compliance.

Our Value Proposition We make you stronger.


Bridge2IT helps you to: 

Optimize resources

including time, money, and effort. Use your resources more wisely!

Reduce headaches

that come with implementing new systems. We help you navigate tough terrain.

Increase sales

is as much our mantra as it is yours. Our goal is to drive leads that increase your sales.


Pricing is customized and affordable.

Our consulting services often take this path:

Pilot Phase – 3 months
Building Phase – 6 to 9 months
Partnership Phase – Long term Partnership with a Monthly Retainer

Our clients typically start by purchasing a time allotment sufficient for a three-month engagement. That way, we can address what you need and grow from there. If demands increase, we can establish new timelines and price points.

We are happy, however, to work the way you want to work: a block of hours, a project fee, or a monthly retainer. Of course, we encourage high-touch communication throughout the engagement, so we meet and exceed expectations. Just pick up the phone and ask. We will create a package just right for you.


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